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Find smallest and largest number in an integer array

I want a c# program that can find and print, the smallest and largest number in a given integer array.

using System;
using System.Linq;

namespace SamplePrograms
    class LargestSmallest
        public static void Main()
            // Declare and initialize the integer array
            int[] NumbersArray = { 102, 34, 89, 12, 187, 29, 111};
            // Sort the array, first element in the array will be
            // smallest and the last element will be largest

            // Print the smallest number in the array
            Console.WriteLine("Samllest Number = {0}", NumbersArray[0]);

            // Print the largest number in the array.
            Console.WriteLine("Largest Number = {0}", NumbersArray[NumbersArray.Length -1]);

            // Linq makes this much easier, as we have Min() and Max() extension methods
            // Console.WriteLine("Samllest Number = {0}", NumbersArray.Min());
            // Console.WriteLine("Largest Number = {0}", NumbersArray.Max());


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